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EU Agreed On Deeper 2014 – 2020 Budget Cuts

February 8, 2013 Leave a comment
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After 25 ½ hours of talks in Brussels, the 2014 – 2020 European Union Budget was agreed upon including deeper cut as pressed by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron to 960 billion euros down for 1.047 trillion euros less than the current budget.

“We simply could not ignore the extremely difficult economic realities across Europe,” EU President Herman Van Rompuy told reporters. “It’s perhaps nobody’s perfect budget, but there’s a lot of it for everybody. This budget is future- oriented, it is realistic and it is driven by pressing concerns.”  Read more for details.



Not So Good Economy Means Online Marketing Required

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

According to Martin Crutsinger, Associate Press Economics Writer, Ben Bernake thinks the Economy still faces weakness.

In a bad economy businesses big and small should invest more in marketing efforts to drive service and product sales.  This is especially true  for  the entrepreneurs and small local brick and mortar businesses.

A large percentage of local brick and mortar businesses in the past have not marketed  online or have very limited presence on the web. We are  now seeing  more marketing activty on the web for these local business than we have seen the past.

Our local haircut or manicure shop, local music store and corner restaurant we are now seeing online.

More than ever Marketing expansion is the smart thing to do given our current economic scenario.

Blogging is one of the least expensive, personalized, intelligent option to begin marketing efforts for the small business entrepreneur. But of course when possible and affordable  efforts should include Web  Pages, Blogging, Social Networks, Twitter, Mobile Apps, Local Online Listing and Deals,Branding Online presence,   and NON Web programs.

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