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NYSE Goes to the Dark Side. Well, Maybe Grey Side

New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New ...

New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New York, New York, United States. Español: Bolsa de Nueva York en Wall Street en Nueva York, Nueva York, en los Estados Unidos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The financial markets have changed and New York Stock exchange has lost volume over the years. Currently it trades only 22% of the equity market  down from 80% in the late 1990.  Their public competitors such as Direct Edge  and   BATS, launched in 2005 and 2006 have taken 17% of the volume.

Though some of the balance of equity has disappeared a large percentage have moved off the public exchanges  to dark pools or dark liquidity.   Darkpools are not available to the public and have little regulation.  Technology has  advanced to accommodate  private trades and with dark pools these trades are often  anonymous.

One form of dark pool is for the equity to be handled internally to the organization  through a wholesale  brokerage.  Another form of  darkpools are trades by financial institutions so that the trades can be anonymous and does not impact the market.  There is no showing of hands that will trigger activity in the market  which could potentially  push pricing up or down.

THE NYSE plans to recover its lost volume using a hybrid    “greypool” to   gain benefits of the privacy of the darkpool  and  benefits of a highly regulated institution.

The Security and Exchange commission approved the NYSE’s pilot program called the Retail Liquidity Program slated for August 1st.  The RLP’s intent is to bring business back to the NYSE.

RLP will be able to quote stock prices in fractions of a cent which is not permitted on public exchanges.  The market makers using the RLP will not be required to make their prices public and they will be receiving orders directly from the individual investor with an E*Trade accounts   instead of  purchasing from a hedge fund  that may  have advantageous information or  a volume situation.

NYSE officials say that while the RLP does borrow a few elements from dark pools, it brings them into a more regulated, transparent platform. “The important part around this program is that it replicates some of what happens in non-exchange markets and brings it into an exchange environment where it’s subject to the rules and oversight that exchanges are known for,” says Joe Mecane, the NYSE’s head of U.S. equities.


LinkedIn and Successful Forex Trading – Its About the Contacts


 “The success of LinkedIn members in the investment sector
has further confirmed the fact that it’s necessary to
have the right contacts to make the right investments.”
News Brief USA

Forex trading is one such  investment vehicle that requires the right contacts.   Your best traders are up for many ours  without much sleep  monitoring  the global  markets  to catch  breaking news and disseminate information that affect the foreign exchange market.  It is the  international data  that is vital to trading decisions against  their strategies.

Forex trading is not an experimental trade.  Potential Forex investor are recommend to attend   extensive training, to  practice with  trading for months or even a year and then  analyze their results before trading  sizeable portions of their portfolio.

…  stocks and forex require a great deal of research
and some really in-depth knowledge…
News Brief USA

A mentor with  solid successful long  term verifiable track record would indeed be helpful.

Emphasis on “long term track record”  because many investors and traders can make money in  movements of an up market and turn around and lose it the next downturn which could be the next hour, day or week.

Long term steady cumulative gains with   minimal loss  in the negative market says much more about the trader’s asset protection strategies.

Investing portions of retirement portfolio requires investment strategies with heavy emphasis on asset protection plus  the gains.

This steady strategy may have less spectacular gains but the preservation of the asset is a higher priority to the trader.  This traders strategy is heavy on the asset protection   and there is no use of derivatives in his execution.

Willing to show potential clients proof of his steady successful trades, the trader  also recommends starting with a small investment so that the client is able to get comfortable especially if they are new to Forex.  Clients can   test for themselves as well as control the account and see their profits online.

However, if it is done properly the returns are many folds,
but it’s practically impossible if you don’t have
the right connections with the right people
who are expert in stocks and forex investments.
News Brief USA

See complete  News Brief  US article at:
LinkedIn Members Are Also Good Investors
Ask how referrals share profit.

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April 30TH Forex Trading Market Updates

It’s been a very placid night of trading in the currency market with liquidity further constrained by the fact that Asian capital markets will be closed for most of the week due to Golden week holidays. Risk FX initially traded higher at the open but sentiment faded as equities turned red in morning European trade.

Based on the price action in the foreign exchange market this morning, investors are nervous about the busy trading week. With Chinese PMI numbers scheduled for release this evening along with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s monetary policy announcement, the risk is for more weakness than strength. Two major central banks have monetary policy meetings this week and both are expected to be cautious about the outlook for the global economy. A 25bp rate cut from the RBA has been fully priced in and there is a good chance the ECB will talk about the possibility of additional stimulus (rate cut or LTRO).
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