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APPROVED! Spain Bailout Approved By German Parliament

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It was an easy win for  Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany’s Lower-house lawmakers on summer break were called back  and returned to Berlin  on a rainy one day session to vote on Spain’s Bailout which was approved 473 to 97.  The special session was to vote on recapitalizing Spain’s banks with 100 billion euros ($123 Billion). Germany, Europe’s largest economy, will guarantee almost 30 percent of the new euro zone aid package.

Merkel received help  from Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble who appealed to the lawmakers to aid Madrid who said the slightest perceived risk of Spanish insolvency could trip up the entire 17-nation euro zone.

“Any problems in the Spanish banking sector are a problem for the financial stability of the euro zone,” he said.  In order to be able to commit Germany to the Spanish bailout in a conference call of euro zone finance ministers, Schaeuble needed the parliamentary approval.

Merkel must work within the  limits set by government’s  parliament, the Constitutional Court as well as heed to German public opinion while under intense pressure from the European Union partners to act in a timely manner  to diffuse the crisis.

“Spain is the fourth biggest economy in the euro zone and a couple of its banks need to be stabilised. If we don’t do it, the country that suffers most is Germany, so it is in Germany’s interests to help Spain,” Andrea Nahles, deputy party leader for the main opposition Social Democrats (SPD), told Reuters.

The rescue opposition, Social Democrats, are agreeing if the rescue and liability lies with Spain directly and not through just the Spanish Bank.   They do not support the direct recapitalization of the Spanish banks which the new ESM could resolve if  and when it  meets constitutional requirements.

“If the majority of us still vote in favour, this is only because in our view too the damage would be catastrophic if Germany denied aid to Spain,” Frank-Walter Steinmeier, parliamentary floor leader of the SPD, said ahead of the vote.

The court has delayed the entry into force of the ESM, the permanent rescue fund, pending a detailed legal review of whether it violates the German constitution. The court is due to deliver its verdict only on September 12.

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May 29th – 1.7% Today’s Profits – USD looking strong in Forex Trading

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ForexTradeGain.con  strategies  resulted in profit due to currency opportunities  driven by a  dramatic panic selling environment because of the surmounting issues within European Union,  talk of China coming into the picture,  Japan  cutting jobs and Spain’s worsening economy and banking problems.

With bearish trending  Asian and European markets, the US Dollar is looking strong  but only because the EU is performing badly.

There is  good gap on most major currencies that occurred over the weekend. Some of them have already been filled and are good areas to plot S/R. Not to mention it can usually be a ‘strong’ indication that if it gapped up ‘over’ a Resistance then we could look for further buying and vice versa for selling.

We’ve hit some major barriers on most pairs and we have some down trend lines being taken out. Could be a time for  consolidation or further profit taking.

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