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Cheaper High Speed Internet Access Needed For All Americans

December 27, 2012 Leave a comment
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Internet access has become a part of the U.S.  way of life and crucial to the American economic and  social health yet, internet connectivity speeds are falling behind other nations  and regulators do not consider it necessary for all homes to be connected.

A fast reliable web access  is crucial for finding jobs, starting small business, accessing education online, and allowing Americans to connect and  complete in the global economy.   Yet a third of Americans or 100 million people do not have home access to broadband Internet while countries like Korea have 200 times faster internet to all homes at inexpensive cost of approximately $27.

Only 70 percent of Americans have high speed internet connections while 94 percent of South Koreans are connected according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
And although  the U.S. prides itself in leading  technology advances the FCC only requires 4 megabits per second download and 1 Mbps uploads while  South Korean’s government planned to install 1 gigabit per second data access to each home by 2012.  These speeds need to be re-evaluated by regulators to reflect the current global standards.

In the U.S. the lower middle and lower  income cannot even afford high speed broadband  internet access as it is  luxury while the Koreans will provide access to all citizens. According to the  OECD, U.S. ranks 14th  out of 25 countries on internet connectivity including broadband, and fiber to the home.

Experts say that looking at countries that have managed to increase their  Internet nationwide and looking at declaring Internet access a “legal right”  is something the U.S. should consider and that the FCC should create policies that will ensure more companies compete to keep prices low while providing high speed.

Unfortunately with the history of Ma Bell, broadband and internet, laws were put in place for telecommunication that may be interfering with the ability for many companies to compete in high speed broadband internet access as has been easier other countries.