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Easier To Access Guns Than Mental Health Services

— Sandy Hook Victims. http://newyork.cbslocal.com

“It is time that we show greater concern for protecting our children than for our gun rights,” says a statement released by the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s District – Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents. “That time is now.”

“Unless we eliminate the easy access to weapons and increase the limited access to mental health care then the conditions that produced this horrific mass murder of educators and children will remain long after Sandy Hook is a sorrowful memory,” the statement says. “Just as there is urgency in providing resources for the war on terror, there must be urgency in preventing gun violence from killing and injuring our precious children.”

Records show police officers take a gun to the  mentally ill  who appear to want to cause harm to others because in the U.S. they have gone without care and are left to responding officers.  The public has not yet heard about  Adam Lanza who killed 26 including children at Sandy Hook Elementary School and if there was mental illness that may have been contributing factor to the violence.

“It is a shame that a bullet is what our mental health safety net has become,” said Louis Josephson, chief executive officer of Riverbend Community Mental Health Inc. in Concord, New Hampshire, which offers outpatient and residential programs.

Moe Keller, vice president of public policy and strategic initiatives for Mental Health America of Colorado said in a statement that “in Colorado it is easier to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle, the one used by the shooter in Newtown, than it is to access high-quality, affordable mental health and substance use disorder treatment in the community”

“At MHAC we believe the key to keeping our children—and all of us—safe from acts of mass killing involves a multipronged approach that includes prevention, access to services for the treatment of mental health conditions and substance abuse use disorders, and restricting access to guns and ammunition from individuals with the potential to commit violent acts,” said Keller.

Colorado’s Gov. Hickenlooper has proposed $18.5 million in new funding for mental health systems in Colorado in his 2013 budget.


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