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Making Science Fiction Real

Sergey Brin, Google Founder – Courtesy of http://www.chron.com 

At the developers conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco this week unexpectedly Sergey Brin, Google Founder delivered an “Extreme” sport like presentation at the end of the program to demonstrate the Google Glass in live application.

The glasses are a hands free web connected video camera/computer that allows wearer to take pictures, get direction and video chat with friends.

Everyone watched live and from the vantage point of all the participants. The first was a team of parachuters who jumped out from a blimp onto the roof of Moscone Center. As parachuters landed they were met by extreme bicyclists who jumped from one part of the roof to another and met wall climbers who scaled the side of Moscone Center building.

Wall scalers were then met by other bicyclists who entered the conference auditorium and met Sergei on stage. All “extreme” participants followed and joined the developers conference to the cheers of the conference attendees.

The conference was unlike previous professionally conducted conferences. It was reminiscent of Steve Job’s “one more thing” with more excitement probably because of the fear factor of the presentation.

The Google Glasses developed via Project Glass is one of many projects from the Google X Lab, a secret facility in the by area. This lab is attempting 100 “shoot for the star ideas” pertaining to future technologies such as a space elevator, self driving car, and recently publicized  a neural network that has taught itself to recognizes faces and what a cat looks like.

Brin has been spending a good amount of time with Google X, where the  projects and ideas are executed not necessarily related to any of Google’s  current products or within their normal business model. And that’s ok because with Google X,  Brin only wants to “make science fiction real”.

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