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June 6 – Midweek Gains – ECB News Stirring FX Activity

Profitable At Midweek As Anticipated

Profitable first half of the week  with healthy FX movement  as anticipated.  The EUR/USD traded slightly lower in the initial aftermath, but has regained most of the drop after a typically volatile eve.  More gains likely next couple trading days.

Profit Opportunities with reaction to news:

The European Central Bank  kept interest rates at 1% today amid growing tensions in the European Monetary Union. Many expected the ECB to take action by either cutting interest rates or announcing some form of additional stimulus, but those measures never came to fruition.

In ECB President Mario Draghi’s press conference afterward, he continued to say the same thing as he did the previous ECB interest rate decision; mentioning that the Long Term Refinancing Operations of the past hadn’t yet exhausted their effects.

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