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May 29th – 1.7% Today’s Profits – USD looking strong in Forex Trading

From ForexTradeGains.com
1.7% Profit Today During London Market

ForexTradeGain.con  strategies  resulted in profit due to currency opportunities  driven by a  dramatic panic selling environment because of the surmounting issues within European Union,  talk of China coming into the picture,  Japan  cutting jobs and Spain’s worsening economy and banking problems.

With bearish trending  Asian and European markets, the US Dollar is looking strong  but only because the EU is performing badly.

There is  good gap on most major currencies that occurred over the weekend. Some of them have already been filled and are good areas to plot S/R. Not to mention it can usually be a ‘strong’ indication that if it gapped up ‘over’ a Resistance then we could look for further buying and vice versa for selling.

We’ve hit some major barriers on most pairs and we have some down trend lines being taken out. Could be a time for  consolidation or further profit taking.

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