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Weathering Investments

Investments and Guarantees

Expecting  guarantees when investing is like expecting  someone to guarantee against bad weather.

No one  is truly able to   guarantee what will happen in the financial market nor  guarantee returns save perhaps for  cash building life insurance with very small “guarantees”.

An individual  can only  educate himself  including finding the best consultants or traders  with successful history  and do what he can to protect himself from the stormy downsides of the financial market when investing.

Yes,  one  can buy the best clothing and protective gear to face the weather  but   still have to forge through the storm if he chooses a specific path.

Education and preparation helps  to reduce the wet  and cold  and   escape the consequences of becoming very  ill  had one not   done  homework or taken action to  protect himself from turbulent weather.

True too for education and preparation when investing. Knowledge of the risk and rewards of the specific investment, preparation with fail safes in attempts  to preserve assets but more importantly understanding owns own risk tolerances  will help.

Like or not investing is like  “gambling”  and playing against odds  perhaps a bit more sophisticated because of the data available determine the better couse of action based on historical patterns for specific types of investment vehicles yet still no guarantees how the game or the market will play out.

If a an investment broker rep  tries to guarantee returns get past what he thinks he is saying and do your own due diligence and  learn more about the investment program details  yourself . If still interested in moving forward learn  what you can do to preserve the asset as best as you can.

Wishful thinking does not make investments guaranteed because a broker says so.

Investments by nature have some kind of risk. The higher potential higher returns generally means higher risk. It works hand in hand. If one doesn’t have the stomach for this type of unknown; they probably do not belong in the program.

If the potential  investor has restless  sleep at night he should probably not engage.


ForexTradeGains.com trading strategy is highly focused on asset protection and engage in multiple strategies for protecting the asset; probably more than most Forex traders recommend.

Less emphasis is place the  high yields as compared most Forex Traders  and even then historicals show profit.

We  recommend that clients  educate themselves about the market in general but we do not recommend trading  themselves without the extensive education  and  6 months to a years worth of successful trading practice.

ForexTradeGains trader is trading and watching the market  16 hours a day and has six back to back successful years of trading even when the market was not good and other traders suffered major losses.

Success is verifiable only to serious investors through account statements. minimum Test trade is $10K.  ForexTradeGains trades with a AAA rated European  financial firm.


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(Chapman Hall/Crc Finance)

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