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Amazon for NASA – Game Changing

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator  gave his thanks ”  to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo and his  private expedition team  on the discovery of the  Apollo  engines in the Atlantic. Bolden also gave his “good luck’ on their efforts to raise the Apollo 11  F-1 engines which where dropped  into the ocean 42 years ago as part of the historical  “first man on the moon” mission.

Much can be done  in the private sector where the government does not have the  funding or capacity to accomplish things such as this.

Anytime government has to fund and put energy in a project something else is not getting funding or receiving attention needed. And there is way too much placed on government to solve that can and should be placed back to the private sector to solve.

Business private sector is  better with finances than government. It is more efficient and cannot survive waste or overspending. Businesses and their  management must answer daily, weekly, quarterly for decisions made  instead of governments  every 2-4 years.

Sometimes rapid movement is needed to solve problems.

Federal and local governments are  struggling   in this economy and perhaps it is a ripe  environment for the private sector  to take over  areas once left to government.

Arguments aside (and there are many)  this is a good opportunity for non government America to do what they do best  which is  create solutions once left to government.

It’s  in the American DNA to create and re-invent.  We started with the Revolutionary War by changing  battle tactics and the  altered  gun   and continued up to the development of the TCP/IP  codes; the birth of the  Internet

Let’s see what we can do.

We are the  Game Changers.

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