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Blogging is Low Cost Online Web Marketing

Blogging is a “must do” marketing for the small business owner and entrepreneur to generate web  traffic and increase sales.

Daily blogging will move the  blogs and  websites “organically” in Google ranking (on the first few pages of a Google Search). This brings traffic to  webpages/blogs and exposure without paying for expensive SEO specialist or Google Ads programs especially if its not in the budget.

The rankings  do not happen overnight but the blogging activity will start to rank the blogs and web pages  over time.

Ranking is important because most people do not look past the first, second or even the third page of  a keyword search.

Artificial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods to “trick” the search engine are not sustainable over longer periods. Goggle subcontracts trained “raters”  who evaluate sites  which determine the rankings.  Google methods are constantly evolving making the ranking system complex.

Is Blogging enough for the business/project?

Absolutely not but it is  very good place to start  for a small budget. Other marketing tools that need to be considered includes the  actual website, back-links,  social networking, keyword domains, Keyword Tools to name a few  as well as non-online marketing for the local business.

So if a  business owner needs to blog anyway why not let the blogging generate additional income, traffic, leads and sales.

Joining a blogging cash generating platform with Empower Network only makes sense since blogging is a necessary marketing tool.  Plus EN higher level programs help with other online marketing efforts.

See the chart below regarding ” Small Business Blogs Increase Sales” from Imbue Marketing.

Find out more about Empower Network’s cash generating blogging platform:

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